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Little Meg
我是Little Meg。我是一名Ex-New Yorker & 路癡.。我最鍾意粵菜 (廣東)浙菜 (浙江)日本菜,Contemporary French & Italian, and New American,and I will go to any places with good food, from hole-in-the-wall to fine dining restaurants同海鮮點心,I enjoy food that is cooked with heart, regardless of price.。
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After living in Canada and the US for the last 15 years, I am returning to my beloved Hong Kong. Having lived in Manhattan for my last 7 years, I was lucky enough to enjoy a variety of top-notch cuisines from around the world, EXCEPT, Cantonese food! Now it is time for me to sample great Chinese food in Hong Kong! I enjoy all kinds of food, from cheap to expensive, from simple to complex, from meat and seafood to offals and the unusual!

Besides sharing my dining experiences in Hong Kong, I also want to change the misunderstanding of American food (actually food in New York). It is much better and wider than just steaks and burgers!

If you want to share food interests or information, you can email me at

My weibo account: 小瑪姬Little-Meg

My Instagram: little_meg_siu_meg
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Although there are many new openings recently, very few ones caught my eyes as my past experiences seem to be mostly disappointing (especially when they just opened). 22 Ships intrigued me because of some interesting items on the menu....

As an egg fanatic I couldn't help but to try out Morihachi Kitchen Tamago 盛八食堂 when I heard that they opened a store in CWB, despite its mediocre reputation at the Tuen Mun shop. So I called up my friend for a very qu...

Another quick visit to rasupermen, this time trying their ume shio ramen (plum and salt base) ($98) with extra soft boiled egg ($15). . I like the light salt broth which was much better during this hot weather compar...
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GourmetTT 2013-09-15 23:18
hi, i ve been following you in instagram and looking at your...

EAT hard PLAY hard
EAT hard PLAY hard 2012-08-10 16:01
Thanks so much for recommending my reviewssmile

奔天人 2011-05-03 20:39
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